We hang with the best.

Our award-awinning family of LED Pipe cylinders are the solution to your open ceiling lighting problems.

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Opus now goes to 11.

Now you can Tilt & Twist even brighter. The Opus now has a max output of 3300 delivered lumens.

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Small in stature, grand in illumination.

At only 2” tall, the 5 lamp Minimalist™ delivers an amazing 930 glare free lumens. Enough to impress even the sharpest dressed critics.

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We’ve been told we have a beautiful set of pipes.

Our award-winning LED Pipe™ cylinders are available in a wide range of beautiful colors, flange accents, and textured metallic finishes.

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Need to illuminate your precious art?

Make all the colors stand out with our Wall Wash option, now available in the 5 inch LED Pipe Cylinders.

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Connected like never before.

Lightheaded Opus fixtures are now available with Lutron Athena Wireless Node System.

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Opus Premium isn’t just on target, it IS the target.

Discerning Specifiers & Designers look to our Premium Opus product offering when Color Point Consistency over time is the target.

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Almost anything can happen when a family gets together.

Combine our Minimalist family of fixed, adjustable, and wall wash LEDs any way you like to solve almost any lighting problem.

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Higher lumens runs in the family.

Our Purist family has grown to 3275 lumens for our single lamp fixture and up to 4500 lumens for our 1X3 multiples fixture. With 1100 lumen remote driver options you don’t have to worry about plenum height.

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