Can we warm something up for you?

Need to light a dining space? Warm Dimming sets the ambiance, providing a warm, appetizing light.

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This took an unexpected turn.

We set out to make Camber + Taper fixtures more shallow and ended up with a 'fixed' light that can tilt up to 20°.

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They’re drop-down gorgeous.

Our award-winning LED Pipe™ Cylinders are available in a Rigid-Stem Adjustable Pendant. They’re perfect for lighting inaccessible areas and open ceiling spaces.

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Peak performance pipes.

We’ve worked hard on our award-winning LED Pipe™ Cylinders so they can out-perform in any lighting environment.

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Setting the Gold Standard.

Nothing shows better than Lightheaded's Gold Sample Cases.

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If you find yourself in
a tight spot, call us.

Our affordable Shallow Opus can be installed in ceiling plenums as shallow as 2.75 inches.

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You won’t need deep plenums or deep pockets.

At just 3 inches our Shallow Opus is the perfect solution for tight spaces and tight budgets.

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